Membership Dinner

January 27th, 2018

Saturday, JAN 27th 5-8PM /// Become a Formal Member If you've been coming to Crossbridge for any length of time, you might have heard it mentioned as: "Covenant Partnership".  That is because we believe that the church is indeed a covenant community. A people God (through the work of Christ) has solemnly vowed to make His own, to redeem and bless, and therefore use as agents of renewal to love and serve the city (thus bringing Him glory). A cohesive unit made of many parts, yet built and joint together to share the same heart and mind, vision and values, invested in each other's lives, striving to see the spiritual, emotional and physical progress of the whole – all in the context of authentic and vulnerable community. Is that something you're truly interested in being part of? JOIN US! Sign up now for our MEMBERSHIP DINNER –Saturday, JANUARY 27TH, from 5PM–8PM at the Pinecrest campus {There's no cost}. All you need to do in order to save your spot right now is: 1) Text the word: MEMBER to(786) 520-2829, or 2) Click the "Register Now" button below. We'll look forward to seeing you and your family here!